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Customized NISSAN
[EXS] was born in order to pursue the originality of the only one in the world.
The urban style of the next generation have been originating from Tokyo as a concept.
This strong style, many of the customer was stacked with us up to now. And it is based on the car customization experience and passion.

We do not compromise on product development. Planning, design, materials and quality, will connect all of these in one.
One of the insistence and features of the EXS, that using the carbon fiber it is a wonderful material made in Japan.
"EXS" is made from the insistence of us.
Processing is a difficult hard carbon fiber, finished the curved surface of the beautiful 3D shape.
It was aligned beautifully as far as possible the weave pattern. We have to believe that it is the quality of the EXS.
If do not use the carbon fiber, it is easy to make the same shape things. However, we have created a EXS made in Japan of carbon fiber.
Produced skilled craftsmen is, was filling each process aimed at "more beautiful", "think of to quality".
That think is the soul of EXS.

We asked for "only in the world" to EXS.
We are in order to not betray the expectations of customers who chose "EXS", has been with the mission to continue to build the best.
”The one and only. In heaven and on earth”--天上天下唯我独尊--
There is no end to the big city. Only survive the era who movement.
The figure is the bread style. EXCLUSIVE SPORT [EXS]